Ahmad Joudeh – Agenda 2018.12.18 Bonn, Germany

18 December 2018


Ahmad Joudeh participates as one of the judges

Pierre Dulaine: 
This is the final event of my DANCING IN BONN project. Since the beginning of September, I taught 10/11-year old children to dance TWOgether. And now there will be 6-pairs from each of the 6 classes (72 children in total) I taught wearing a different color of the rainbow. They will dance FIVE dances: MERENGUE - FOXTROT - RUMBA - TANGO & SWING.

Pierre Dulaine

Pierre Dulaine

Pierre Dulaine

Pierre Dulaine is a dancer and dance instructor. As a dancer, he won several awards together with his dance partner Yvonne Marceau. He founded Dancing Classrooms, a Social and Emotional development program for 5th grade children that uses ballroom dancing as a vehicle to change the lives of the children and their families. His early works with children was fictionalized in the film Take the Lead (2006), starring Antonio Banderas as Pierre Dulaine.

Yvonne Marceau and Pierre Dulaine
Antonio Badnderas and Pierre Dulaine

Pierre Dulaine and Ahmad Joudeh

Pierre Dulaine was the main judge in the first Arabic version of So You Think You Can Dance (2014), in which Ahmad Joudeh participated. Ever since they have developed friendship. 

About the first dance:
I had to say WOW. You drew me in to your story.

About the exit:
Ahmad Joudeh! For him, I felt really really sad.
BUT, it is NOT the end.
It is THE BEGINNING for him

Pierre Dulaine and Ahmad Joudeh at SYTYCD (2014)

Pierre Dulaine and Ahmad Joudeh at SYTYCD (2014)

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