Ahmad Joudeh - News 2018.04.19 An art work dedicated to Ahmad Joudeh by Marianne J Jansen is presented at OpenArtCode Florence 2018 (19 April - 8 May 2018)

Announcment: OpenArtCode Florence

Marianne J Jansen says: 

I am touched and struck by the dedication of Ahmad Joudeh. In making this drawing I was inspired by this beautiful dancer’s creation and his telling about life: his life, what life means, and how precious life is.

The theme of this work derives from a dance expressing existences in a ruin in Syria: an inevitable farewell when losing a loved one. 

In my drawing works I strive to capture the drama of human motion and dance in long flowing lines. Both in my drawings and sculptures, I focus on the vulnerability of humans. I am in search in shapes that express feeling for the subject, or a thought, or memories before they dissolve in the flow of time. For this exhibition I created a work on fragile cloth. When showing it in the light, you will only see the drawing.

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